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Another 3 educational activities to do with Whiteboard.fi

Whiteboard.fi is an excellent tool for educational activities. Fun educational activities can be very useful when you want to keep your students engaged and excited about class. In this blog post we’ll go over how you can use Whiteboard.fi to solve Mazes, play Matching Games and play Complete the Drawing.


It is very easy to set up mazes for your students to solve using Whiteboard.fi. For your convenience, we’ve made a Mazes template that you can use. To use the template, you can visit the following url:


You can also use the library by creating a new room and pressing the LIBRARY button. From the library menu, select Load shared and enter the following code:


For more information on loading a shared whiteboard, check out this support article. Once the Mazes template is loaded, it will look like this:

Using the Mazes template

The Mazes Template contains seven pages:

  • One Introduction page
  • Six pages with one maze per page

There are six mazes in the template (one per page). These range from very easy (15 x 15) to quite difficult (22 x 22). Every maze has a different theme. In Maze 1 for instance, the student is tasked with helping a cat find a fish. Once you’ve loaded the template you can push out the mazes to your students. To do this, press the PUSH button and select PUSH TO STUDENTS. You can choose if you want to push out one maze at a time or push out all the pages at once and let the students finish the mazes in their own time.

Matching Games

In a Matching Game, the student is tasked with matching two (or more) items based on what they have learned during class. While students are playing, they are also practicing the subject at hand which means that these games can be a very powerful tool when you want to keep student engagement high. Matching Games can also be used as short ungraded tests to make sure that the students are following along.

Using Whiteboard.fi you can easily create Matching Games that are fun and engaging. You could for instance create a drag-and-drop game where the student is tasked with dragging the name of a continent to it’s correct place on the map. Another example could be game where the student is tasked with matching animal sounds with the correct animal by connecting them with a line.

A Matching Game where the student is tasked with naming the continents
A Matching Game where the student is tasked with matching the animal by connecting them with a line

Once you have created the game, push it out to the students using the PUSH function. If you want to save the game you’ve created you can simply save it to your library.

Special thanks to @TKincaid on twitter for sharing this great idea!

Complete the Drawing

This activity is great as an introductory exercise or as a breather when you want to give your students a little break during class. The activity is very simple; draw a squiggle or shape on your whiteboard, PUSH it out to your students and ask them to complete the drawing. When the students are done, you can go over the results together with them.

This game can also be played with a specific theme. You could for example give your students the theme “animals” or a more abstract one such as “joy” and see what they can come up with. You can also use this game as an entry or exit ticket, just ask your students to draw what they remember from the previous class and review their drawings when they are done. By prompting your students to create a drawing, you can get them really excited about class which leads to better engagement.