How Helped Eileen Improve Student Participation and Accountability in the Virtual Classroom

Pauline, an itinerant teacher at Aileen Wright English Catholic School in Cochrane, Ontario, Canada, teaches a range of subjects including French, Music, and Religion to students in all grades from Kindergarten to Grade 8. One of the biggest challenges Pauline faces in her role is having online students show up and stay active during virtual classes.

To address this challenge, Pauline has been using to create interactive activities that replace the traditional pocket chart work she used to do in her in-person classes. One of the best things about using in a classroom setting is that it allows all students to have a “hands-on” opportunity to participate, rather than constantly waiting for their turn or for others to finish.

Pauline has noticed a significant improvement in student accountability and participation since using When it is used in class, the students know that Pauline is watching over them and can provide immediate feedback if needed. She also appreciates the interactive aspect of the platform, which allows her to join a student’s whiteboard if they need help or are having difficulty with a task. In fact, Pauline has recorded up to 50% more participation when using a activity.

If Pauline were no longer able to use, she would find it difficult to return to traditional turn-taking methods, as it would require more time and prevent her from helping as many students. Many students don’t like to ask for help, so being able to see when they are struggling and provide assistance even when they don’t ask for it is a valuable feature.

Before using, Pauline struggled to find the time to help all of her students and to keep other students’ behavior in check while they waited for their turn. has provided a solution to these challenges, and her students love that they can complete tasks more quickly and get feedback on the spot.

For teachers who are new to using, Pauline recommends taking advantage of the PDF and image import, teaching students all aspects of the platform’s tools before beginning activities, and exploring all of the tools themselves. Some of Pauline’s favorite features include the ability to view all of her students’ worksheets (whiteboards) as they work, share a student’s whiteboard with others, provide feedback, save whiteboards as PDFs, and share student work with others by posting it to her own whiteboard.

Overall, it is clear that has greatly improved Pauline’s ability to engage and support her students, both in-person and online. Its interactive features and ability to provide immediate feedback have proven to be invaluable in the classroom. If you are a teacher looking to enhance your virtual or in-person teaching, is definitely worth considering. And for schools and districts, offers tailored packages to fit your specific needs and budget.

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Text by Niclas