Try these 3 educational games with
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Try these 3 educational games with is an excellent tool for playing educational games. Educational games can be very useful when you want to keep your students engaged and excited about class. Not only do games create an inherent sense of excitement and fun, they also make it easier for students to remember what they’ve learned since games require students… is now FERPA, COPPA and CSPC certified!
News is now FERPA, COPPA and CSPC certified!

We are happy to announce that has been certified for FERPA, COPPA and CSPC through This means, that the service meets the standard for these data protection acts, and that the service has passed the extensive assessment by iKeepSafe. Click here to learn more about iKeepSafe certifications. FERPA The Family Educational Rights and…

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Creating entry or exit tickets with

Entry and exit tickets are formative assessment tools that allow teachers to get an overview of how well their students understand the study material. By using entry or exit tickets, you as a teacher can make sure that every student is up to speed and you might even learn how to improve your teaching to…