Pauline Sterling
Itinerant Teacher
Aileen Wright English Catholic School
Cochrane, Ontario, Canada
Testimonial from Pauline Sterling

Pauline Sterling, an Itinerant Teacher at Aileen Wright English Catholic School, Cochrane, Ontario, Canada, tells us about her experiences with

What subject(s) do you teach?

French, Music, Religion

What grade(s) do you teach?

All grades from Kindergarten to Grade 8.

What is the biggest challenge you face in your role?

Having students online show up and actually staying active while there.

What are your main scenarios and objectives for using

To create activities to replace the old fashion pocket chart work I use to do in classes.

What is the best thing about using in a classroom setting?

It allows all the students to get the “hands-on” opportunity, instead of constantly waiting turns, and/or waiting for others.

What overall improvements have you seen with

More accountability. When being used online, they know I am watching over them. I love the interactive aspect… being able to join their whiteboard when they need help or can’t get something to work.

List some improvements you have recorded. For example, have your students’ grades improved?

I would say I have up to 50% more participation when I use a whiteboard activity.

How would you feel if you could no longer use Why?

I would find it difficult. Returning to turn taking requires a lot more time. It would also not allow me to help as many students, since I would not be able to keep tabs on where their problems are. A lot of students don’t like to ask for help. This allows me to see they need help, even when they don’t ask for it.

Before, which solutions did you use for those scenarios, and what was challenging?

Finding the time to help them before they were done. Finding ways to keep others behavior in check while they “waited their turn”.

What do your students love most about

They like that they can do the work more quickly and get feedback on the spot.

What would you recommend to other teachers who are only starting to use

  • take advantage of the pdf and image import
  • make sure to take time to teach all aspects of the tools to students before beginning actual activities… let them explore
  • make sure they (the teachers) take time to explore all the tools as well”

What are your favorite features and why?

  • seeing all the students worksheets (whiteboards) as they are working
  • being able to share a students worksheet
  • being able to provide feedback
  • the saving of student whiteboards as pdfs
  • being able to share students work with others, by posting it to my whiteboard