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Key-Value Highlights

What would you do if you could easily adapt your teaching to your students’ knowledge in real-time?
Whiteboard.fi gives teachers an overview of learning as it happens. Being able to assess responses instantly and give direct confidential feedback helps teachers reach 100% classroom participation!

Below, we’ve highlighted a few of the values that using Whiteboard.fi will bring to your classroom sessions!

Next level formative assessment

Whiteboard.fi is an online tool for teacher-student interaction that gives teachers an instant overview of every student. It’s very simple to use. You can set up a class and have all of your students join in minutes.

Easily accessible

The platform is browser-based and works with any connected device equipped with an internet browser. No need for downloads or installations.

Individual working experience

Unlike most other digital whiteboard platforms Whiteboard.fi is unique because of its focus on optimizing the individual student whiteboard experience as opposed to just allowing students to hop onto the teacher Whiteboard or collaborate together on a joint board.

See students working in real-time

Whiteboard.fi helps make student thinking visible by enabling teachers to see all student workspaces in a single grid view where you can see students work in real-time and guide learning on the go.

Save time and focus support

Rather than circulating around the room and stopping at desks, you can use Whiteboard.fi to implement the FLEX model of instruction where you observe how students are progressing and help students who need additional support or enrichment.

Give quick feedback

Giving students timely feedback should always be at the very top of the list of things to do. With Whiteboard.fi, not only can you and your co-teacher see each student’s workspace, but you can also quickly give each student personalized, in-the-moment feedback.

Equal opportunity to share

We’re often asking students to participate voluntarily, but mandating participation isn’t enough. You might call on a student to share instead of asking them to share, but you still haven’t given
every student the opportunity to share. With Whiteboard.fi, sharing comes built-in.

Using technology to maximize participation is one of the clearest ways technology enhances learning experiences.
One of the most effective apps for getting 100% participation is Whiteboard.fi

Sam Kary, New EdTech Classroom

You can try Whiteboard.fi and all of the wonderful features for free at whiteboard.fi/register