Update April 10th 2021!

EU Data Center Opened

We are excited to announce that we have opened a new EU data center for European users! You can now decide where you want the data to be stored when creating a new free room or when registering a new teacher account. If you already have an account, you have the option to choose where your data is stored. We strongly recommend that you choose the data center closest to you since it greatly improves loading times. For more information on changing where your data is stored, check out this support article

Library Improvements

The library feature has been greatly improved in this new update. It is now possible to arrange your saved whiteboards into folders! Folders give you the ability to easily organize your classes and quickly find whiteboards that you’ve prepared in advance. There is virtually no limit to the number of whiteboards and folders you can have in your library. Another great feature of the new library is the option to append a saved whiteboard to your current one, ensuring that you don’t lose any progress you’ve made when teaching. For more information on the new library features, check out this support article.

Other News

There have been a multitude of new features introduced in this update, such as the ability to delete feedback! For a full list of features and bug fixes, check out the Release Notes.