Using Whiteboard.fi in the classroom

Whiteboard.fi is by design a very versatile tool. It can be used in the in physical classroom, during remote learning or in hybrid setups. In this blog we’ll go over a few key ways of using the digital whiteboard to take your classes to the next level.

An excellent tool for formative assessment.

One of the great things about Whiteboard.fi is the ability for teachers to track students’ progress in real time. Being able to spot mistakes right as they happen, you as a teacher have the power to prevent future misunderstandings. You even have the option to copy a students whiteboard to the teacher whiteboard. This makes it easy for you to point out a problem or show a great solution to the whole class. Sometimes however, you might want to give feedback to an individual student without the others knowing. Our feedback tools let you do that too! All of these tools are really powerful since they allow you to create a collaborative classroom setting where the students feel valued and heard.

Here is a great example of the live overview features in action!

Engage students like never before!

Engaging all of your students can often be quite tricky. How are you supposed to know if a student is daydreaming or if they just don’t know the answer? We at Whiteboard.fi have the solution! Our platform rethinks the entire answering process. By giving each student a digital whiteboard of their own, everybody gets to answer – even the shyest of students or those that normally wouldn’t bother.

The digital whiteboard is very graphically versatile. It supports a multitude of enticing features such as math equations, emojis, custom shapes, a large variety of colours and so much more. These features can be used by teachers and students alike. We believe that giving students different ways of expressing themselves is a phenomenal way of making them more engaged and enthusiastic about learning. These graphical features are also very important for teachers because they make it easy to create engaging and interesting study material.

Another excellent use case!

Make learning awesome!

We at Whiteboard.fi are committed to making learning awesome! Our digital whiteboard makes it easy for you to engage the whole class, in virtually any classroom setting. By taking advantage of the real time overview feature as well as the individual feedback tools you can easily spot and correct misunderstandings, creating a productive teacher-student synergy.

Engage your classroom like never before!