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Creating entry or exit tickets with Whiteboard.fi

Entry and exit tickets are formative assessment tools that allow teachers to get an overview of how well their students understand the study material. By using entry or exit tickets, you as a teacher can make sure that every student is up to speed and you might even learn how to improve your teaching to avoid future misunderstandings.

Entry ticket through Whiteboard.fi

Entry tickets are great when you want to review study material from earlier lessons or ease your students into a new subject. They are a phenomenal way to start your classes since it gets your students working as soon as they enter the classroom. The students are given a task at the beginning of the lesson and are asked to complete it promptly. When they are done, you can go over their answers and discuss potential misunderstandings.

Prepare a whiteboard before the class starts, this is made easy via the Library feature. When your students have joined, Push the whiteboard out to them and ask them to complete it. Now you have the ability to see their progress in real time, allowing you to address misunderstandings right as they happen!

Exit ticket through Whiteboard.fi

Exit tickets are given out just before the end of the class. They serve as short ungraded assignments that give you an overview of how well the students understood the study material. The process of creating an exit ticket is basically the same as creating an entry ticket. Begin by adding a new whiteboard page and designing the exit ticket, you can also append one from your Library that you’ve prepared beforehand. Then, Push the whiteboard out to your students and ask them to complete the assignment. After they have completed the exit ticket and left the class, you can review their answers directly or even save a PDF of all their answers!

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