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Share your library content easily with a link or a code

Share any saved library item on social media or directly with your colleagues!

Have you ever created classroom content in Whiteboard.fi that you feel is just the best? Maybe you have collaborated with your students to make the funniest and most awesome Whiteboard.fi activity ever or even transposed a working concept from the physical whiteboard into a digital version?

Whiteboard.fi makes it easy to turn great ideas into working solutions without extensive training or tech knowledge. Now we’ve made it even easier to share ideas with the teaching world. It doesn’t matter how simple an idea you might have because what matters most is the opinion of those in focus – the students!

Improved Library Sharing
Library items can now be shared with a link, in addition to a library sharing code. The link can easily be shared on social media or directly with colleagues/faculty. We’re excited to see what kind of whiteboards are being created out there, so please share them with us as well!

By clicking the small arrow next to the saved whiteboard, you’ll find the options menu for that library item

The process is very simple. Start by creating a whiteboard and save it in your library. You can also share a previously saved whiteboard. You will find the option to share the whiteboard in the library. Next, you will be prompted to generate a sharing code for the whiteboard after which you’ll be all set!

After generating the share code, there are two options on how to share. A share-code and a URL that can be pasted into the browser search window.

We encourage our users to share content, as there is no telling how significant a simple idea can be for engaging students, not to mention how much pre-made content facilitates time spent on classroom presence and individual attention.

The sharing works best through social media and other digital means as you can simply copy and paste a library item link and share it instantly with your whole community.
By using the link, anyone can get a copy of your library item that they can use, fine-tune, and work on in their classroom.

We will also be releasing a set of official and verified shared library items soon – stay tuned and share the love! ❤️

Text by Niclas