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Using Co-teachers and multiple active rooms

As a teacher, you can open up several active rooms and invite co-teachers to each of them. You provide each co-teacher with a co-teaching link to their specified room. Anyone with the link can be a co-teacher so there is no need for your co-teachers to register for an account of their own since co-teachers can access the active rooms simply by using the provided co-teaching link.
Continued passage with the link will be granted until the teacher manually revokes the co-teaching link to the room days, weeks, or months later.

Co-teachers have the same abilities as teachers

Inside the room, Co-teachers have access to the same set of tools as the teacher. They can collaborate on the teacher whiteboard, view all students and interact with them as the teacher would. The main teacher will be able to jump into co-teacher-managed active rooms freely to check up on progress.

Co-teachers cannot save or load content to and from the teacher’s library, but the main teacher can easily share library items with co-teachers by supplying links to the material they want them to use.

Looking to act as the teacher for the same session on two or more devices?

Extend your reach by using the co-teaching link with a second device.
As standard, signing into Whiteboard.fi on a second device or browser window will get you signed out automatically on the original device. The co-teaching functionality is a nifty workaround for this as you will assume the powers of the teacher in the same session as on the first device with the same teaching superpowers! Simply copy the co-teaching URL and send it to your other device and then paste the URL in your browser. Voil√°!

Find out how it works for free!

We recommend trying out the premium plan functionality by registering for the free 14-day trial to confirm that the platform works with your teaching setup. We will be standing by to support you and answer any questions you might have during the trial period and a possible longer-term subscription.

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